Ciao, we are Alfonso and Cristian Pappalardo and we are the chefs of the restaurant Casa Mandina.

Since we were children we were ‘devoted’ to the cooking world: our mom always tells us that we used to spend entire days between pans and stoves, as proof that food was and is our daily bread.

We come from a Cetarese fishermen’s paternal family and from a Maiorese farmer’s maternal family… so we grew up between anchovies and lemons.

The idea of opening a restaurant was alimented by the passion that has always accompanied us.

After several experiences in Amalfi Coast (at Palazzo Avino and San Pietro di Positano) and throughout Italy, France, Switzerland and England me and my brother, aged 28 and 23, decided to open the doors of Casa Mandina, on June 24th 2020, a very special date for us because we celebrate our father’s name day.

The name of the restaurant makes you think about family.

You will be welcomed by our mother Maria, a very sensible women that will make you feel part of our family composed by Fiorella (Alfonso’s fiancé), our aunties Teresa and Lucrezia and the ‘adopted son’ Angelo.

Ours is a ‘simple’ cuisine that selects fine ingredients, enhancing them with the right techniques.

Be careful not to confuse it with the gourmet cuisine: we just express ourselves loving this job and having fun as we want.

Casa Mandina is not only about food, it is also about the research of good wine and for this reason we commit every day in ‘building’ our wine cellar, made of both major labels and small producers.

We don’t have anything else to tell

The rest, you need to taste and smell.

We are waiting for you!